Cultural Trust Coalition Report


FY2010 Cultural Participation Grants to County and Tribal Cultural Coalitions

For grants awarded by the coalition from August 15, 2009 – June 30, 2010
Electronic Report Only. Submission Deadline: August 31, 2010

Please complete a page on this online form for each local grant or activity awarded or undertaken by your coalition this grant period. Include as much detail as possible, using the space provided on the form.


Before you begin this final report, first review these guidelines. Then,


Click here to create a new profile.

Creating a Profile


Since you are first time grants online users please create a profile. Choose a user name and password that is easy to remember. This profile will serve as your FY2011 confirmation of contact information for the coalition.


We use this information to confirm primary contact for your coalition, (i.e., the chair or secretary). Because the Trust works with 45 cultural coalitions across the state and wants to be sure that important communications are received, please consider establishing a permanent address for your coalition. Some coalitions have set up a PO Box or are using a fiscal sponsor with paid staff and a permanent address. Either one is a good and inexpensive option.


Creating a Profile Special Notes


1.       When Choosing “Organization Type”, choose None of the Above

2.       When Choosing “Applicant Status”, choose one of the following

a.       Nonprofit

b.       Tribal

c.        None of the Above (for those that are an association with a county entity or have a nonprofit serving as your fiscal sponsor)

3.       When choosing Discipline, choose Multi-Disciplinary

4.       When choosing groups served, choose No Single Group


Advocacy Fields Special Notes


A large part of the Cultural Trust is to advocate on behalf of culture in Oregon, sharing information with elected officials regarding the impact of our work. To that end, we ask that you also fill out the required fields below indicating your legislative districts. If you are unsure of the correct codes for your district please provide the senate code for the district where the coalition PO Box is located and where regular meetings occur. You can click this link to use the coalition address to search.


Once you have created a log in, you can come back to at anytime after August 1st to begin work on the final report.

Please note that you must create a profile and log in to Culture Grants Online and complete the first page (steps 1-6) by Tuesday, August 10, 2010 so we can begin preparing grant agreements for the Fiscal Year 2011 coalition participation grants. Your final report is due August 31, 2010, so you have 27 days to complete your report once you have created a log in.


 Filling Out Your Final Report


1.      Click the “log in” with the button to return to your profile.

2.      Select "Current Programs and Applications" to begin.

3.      Scroll down to “Coalition Participation Grants - Final Report 2010.”

4.      Click “Start an Application”

5.      Provide fiscal sponsor information, if applicable, including tax id number.

6.      Upload grant guidelines and application for your coalition, if updates have been made since FY2010.

7.      Enter the total amount awarded to your coalition for FY2010. (See your FY2010 grant agreement to verify.)

8.      Enter any additional expenses incurred by the coalition. (These are allowable, in accordance with your cultural plan. If you are a county or tribal coalition and used your FY2010 grant award funds for a project generated by the coalition and not re-granted to another organization or individual, then please list this project under additional expenses and be specific in your description of how the funds were used to reach your coalition benchmarks.)

9.      Enter complete information for all FY2010 coalition grant recipients.


*Each form has room to enter up to 10 grant recipients. If your coalition granted more than 10 grants in FY2010, please submit application, return to “Current Programs and Applications” and begin again, skipping pages 1-3.



You can save your work and return to Culture Grants Online anytime between August 1 and August 30, 2010 to complete your final report. Please note that your final repot must be submitted by no later than 12pm on August 31st.  


Final Steps


Please take a moment to update your coalition web portal on the Cultural Trust website. We know that many people – potential applicants and people who want to know more about Oregon culture – use these links to look for more information.

You can log in at to access your portal. If you’ve lost your password, please call Kimberly Howard at (503) 986-0088 for instructions. And, please, update your web portal with new pictures, or ask me to help find images for your county. Send pictures or email me at