Arts Recognition Grant

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Oregon Arts Commission: Vision and Goals
The arts and culture are touchstones of community and civic life and it is essential to preserve, stabilize and develop their central role to benefit Oregonians and Oregon’s quality of life. The Oregon Arts Commission believes:

  • The arts help us discover who we are.
  • The arts bring people together, strengthening communities.
  • The arts are critical for our students.
  • The arts add value to Oregon’s economy.

The Commission’s grants, programs and services work to ensure that:

  1. Oregonians have wide access to the arts and their intrinsic and extrinsic benefits.
  2. Oregon arts organizations have the skills and resources to offer high quality programs throughout the state.
  3. Public and private support for arts and culture is increased and leveraged
  4. Oregonians have access to quality arts learning opportunities.
  5. Oregon artists create work of acknowledged high quality.

Purpose of the Arts Recognition Grants
The Arts Commission’s Recognition Grants will award $1,000 to exemplary arts organizations that have a record of excellence in programming, service and organizational capacity. The Commission has finite resources. Not all eligible applicants will receive funding.

Arts Recognition Grants are a visible indication of Commission support and assist in raising an organization’s profile and in leveraging other funds and resources. These awards are not for operating support.

All applicant organizations must:

  • have IRS 501(c)(3) federal tax-exempt status;
  • have corporate, non-profit status in the state of Oregon;
  • operate within a mission that describes the arts as the primary purpose of the organization;
  • have been in existence for a minimum of two years;
  • may not have received other grant funds from the Oregon Arts Commission in the prior twelve months
  • be current with all reports if the applicant is a prior or current Oregon Arts Commission grantee.

The Commission has established the following priorities for funding applications in the Arts Recognition category:

  • Applicants with annual cash budgets of less than $100,000;
  • Applicants that have never received an Arts Recognition Grant;
  • Applications from geographically underserved areas of Oregon.

Access Compliance
Any entity that provides services to the public must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Arts organizations specifically must be familiar with section 504. The Arts Commission provides assistance to Oregon arts groups on issues of access. Contact Shannon Planchon, Assistant Director, (503) 229-6062 or TDD Assistance is available at (800) 735-2900.

Evaluation Criteria
Applications will be reviewed against the following criteria:

  • indications of quality artistic programming [40%]
  • evidence of effective marketing or an outreach plan to increase visibility and recognition for the applicant [30%]
  • potential of the Recognition grant to impact the organization [20%]
  • indications of strong organizational capacity [10%]

Application Review Process
Arts Commission staff will review applications submitted online for eligibility, completeness and budget accuracy.
Arts Commission staff and a small panel will review each application according to the review criteria listed above and make final recommendations for funding to the Arts Commission.

All applications for Recognition Grants must be submitted electronically online via the Oregon Arts Commission website, Oregon Arts Commission

Applications for FY2011 funding must be submitted by 10:00 p.m. on either deadline:
September 14, 2010 or Februay 4, 2011

Technical Assistance
Assistance from the Arts Commission staff is available to applicants prior to the application deadline. Call the Oregon Arts Commission office at (503) 986-0082 with general questions. Email requests for assistance may be sent to

Copies of these guidelines are available from the Arts Commission or on-line at the Commission website However, the application must be completed on-line.

Grantee Requirements
Arts organizations receiving Arts Recognition grants must visibly acknowledge the support of the Oregon Arts Commission by displaying the Commission’s logo in printed materials and at events and publicly announcing the support of the Commission at public events.

Additionally, arts organizations receiving Arts Recognition Grants must complete an evaluation for the Commission. All grantees are subject to periodic monitoring by the Oregon Arts Commission and must retain fiscal records for a period of three (3) years following the end of the grant period.

Organizations that have been previously funded by the Arts Commission must fulfill final reporting obligations before new grant funds will be distributed.


The following questions are found in the electronic application. You may prepare your answers in a word processing program, and cut and paste into the application form.

The electronic application can be accessed from our website at

Clicking the big orange “T” found on the corner of each page can find technical tips for the electronic application. Remember to save your document at the bottom of each page.

  1. What is the mission of your arts organization? (no more than 1000 characters)
  2. Discuss your artistic programming. Include how your organization defines quality.(no more than 5000 characters)
  3. What are your marketing and development plans for the next year? How are these plans different from prior plans, if at all? (no more than 5000 characters)
  4. Have you have received an Arts Recognition grant in the past two years? If yes, what are you doing differently? What was the impact of the grant? (no more than 5000 characters)
  5. What marketing and outreach activities will your organization undertake if you receive the award? What will it help your organization leverage? Be specific. (no more than 1000 characters)
  6. What is the total operating budget of your organization for the current year? (no more than 15 characters)
  7. What was the actual revenue (income) for your organization's most recently completed fiscal year? (no more than 15 characters)

Please enter the following additional material on your organization in the space provided:

  • List of names, addresses and affiliations of current board members (no more than 5000 characters)
  • Biographical summary for no more than 3 management and artistic directors (no more than 5000 characters)

The applicant will also complete a Project Budget which includes ALL of the costs of the recognition project.