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Oregon Arts Commission: Values Statement
The arts and culture are touchstones of community and civic life and it is essential to preserve, stabilize and develop their central role to benefit Oregonians and Oregon’s quality of life. The Oregon Arts Commission believes:
· Art brings people together, strengthening communities.
· Art is critical for our students.
· Art adds value to Oregon's economy.
· Art is fundamental to a healthy society.

The Commission's role is:
· To lead through advocacy, policy development and planning.
· To seek funding for and make grants to arts organizations and artists.
· To build coalitions and encourage collaborations among the public and private sectors, arts and culture organizations and artists.
· To ensure the arts touch the lives of all Oregonians.

To ensure that:
· Oregonians have wide access to the arts.
· Oregon arts organizations across the State have the skills and resources to offer high quality programs.
· Public and private support for arts and culture is increased and leveraged.
· Oregonians have access to quality arts learning opportunities.
· Oregon artists are supported in creating work of acknowledged high quality.

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